Many of our couture pieces are made with adjustable hook fastenings, and so can be made longer or shorter with ease.

We understand the frustration that can come with fiddly catches, brooch fittings or earring backs, and the difficulties that can occur when putting on jewellery when movement or capacity is limited.

Hook fastenings and clip earring backs are much more simple to take on and off.

We can also adapt some of or designs to help make them even easier to wear by using magnetic fastenings or even Velcro.

And for those with allergies, we can also create everyday pieces that use sterling silver fittings rather than other metals, or that don't have any fittings at all.

Vintage pieces will have a variety of fittings, some of which may be less accessible, but where possible we can adapt designs as needed.

If you would like to find out more, or have a specific request, please just ask.

We are an inclusive design house, and welcome diversity and self-expression. Our packaging is neutrally coloured with orange accents -  unless you request otherwise.

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