We are continuing to post out items, taking full precautions to do so. Shipping takes place once a week, and please note that due to postal delays, it may take considerably longer for items to reach you. Our returns period has been extended to 4 weeks to reflect this.

Can I visit your shop?

We'd love to meet you but at present we are online only. We will however be taking part in pop up events, trunk shows and fairs when it is safe to do so again.

Join our mailing list or facebook group to find out when and where we'll be appearing.

How do I look after vintage jewellery?

Care should be taken when wearing vintage and couture jewellery peices, to ensure that they don't snag on clothing, get knocked or become immersed in water. Please put them on after using perfume and hairspray, as these can damage and discolouration to surface finishes and plating

Necklaces, bracelets and rings are best kept for special occasions or light use as wearing them everyday will eventually cause significant wear and tear.

Items containing rhinestones should be kept as dry as possible, otherwise over the years the stones may become cloudy. If such items ever require cleaning, just gently wipe them with a very slightly damp cloth.

Where do you buy your materials? How green are they?

We scour markets, auctions and private collections for suitable materials. Much of this is broken, damaged or worn, and would otherwise be discarded, or unused.

When buying vintage jewellery, we source from private individuals and small retailers. If items are broken or damaged, we carry out repairs and renovations sympathetic to the style of the item, and using vintage materials where possible. We will clearly state in our item listings where this has taken place.

Where we need to source new,  our policy is to seek to purchase goods and services which:

a) are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of anyone
b) have the least negative impact on the environment.

We try to ensure that our suppliers share these values

We have a zero waste policy and reuse packaging and other materials wherever possible. For publicity and correspondence we use recycled paper and card.

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